About Us

A brief history

Local News Publications began in 1993 with the inception of The Lake News. Started in Forest Lake, Brisbane, Australia, by Chris and Betty Wren in response to a need in the community for a ‘newsletter’, The Lake News has gone from strength to strength and is now very much a part of the Forest Lake community as a whole.

Following on from the success of The Lake News, The Greater Springfield Times was created in 1997 in the early days of the Springfield area’s development and enjoys the support of local businesses and the community.

With both publications filling a niche in their areas for community groups and clubs to promote themselves free of charge and for local businesses to target new and existing customers, Local News Publications enjoys, not only assisting the community on all levels, but being an integral part of each community it serves.

Owners, Graham and Susannah Friis (daughter of Chris and Betty Wren), having been employed by Local News Publications from the beginning, bought the business in July 2006 and are determined to take Local News Publications well into the future, using the firm foundation of the past as a springboard.